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Ligo Energy was set up in 2015 to allow the pleasures and benefits of e-bike and e-scooter to be enjoyed by as many people as possible in the world without any anxiety about the power system. With the vision of an established industry specialist with extensive design experience, Ligo Energy brings you the best-in-class range of e-bikes batteries and scooters batteries that provide quality and affordability with the most powerful and technological innovations. Our success is underpinned by superb products, excellent partnerships with retailers, and a responsive personal after-sales service.

We have combined years of experience in providing lithium batteries and valuable customer feedback has been received. With packed with smart features, Ligo Energy is designed to keep you in mind for supporting your ride’s power solution to suit your riding needs. Take your first step to a healthier, cleaner and greener future!

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 Electric Bike Batteries

We determine to provide you the most competitive e-bike batteries for any wills you ride on the road

Electric bikes are a convenient and stylish alternative to a standard pushbike. With added battery power to allow you to travel with speed and for longer distances with ease, e-bikes have been gaining significant popularity in recent years.

Both more cost-effective and sustainable than cars, electric bikes are perfect for leisure use, allowing you to explore more of your local area with comfort and ease. Not only this, but they are excellent for your daily commute to and from work.

From off-road adventures to daily commuting e-bikes, Ligo Energy has been trying to provide you the resolution of competitive power which suits your needs.

We Ligo Energy provides an extensive range of styles and powerful eBike battery options available, please browse our electric bicycle lithium batteries which are from 24V to 52V with powerful capacity, as well as various hot sales cases such as Hailong, Dorado, Dolphin, and Down Tube, etc.

Hence, whether you’re looking for a bit of extra speed during your riding experience or to make your uphill a breeze, there is always an option for you. Be sure to check out our product display to see if you can save money on the replacement battery purchase for your dear e-bike.

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Pick Your Interested eBike Battery Category

At Ligo Energy, we have a range of electric bicycle batteries available from 24V to 52V with plentiful capacities and cases. In addition, we offer items with tailor-made specifications you want——YES! WE ACCEPT OEM/ODM ORDERS!  Browse the e-bike batteries on our website and contact us directly about custom orders or any other questions you have

 Electric Scooter Batteries

On the move economically, cleanly & conveniently, experience the world’s electric scooter with our Ligo eScooter Lithium Batteries

Electric scooters are becoming popular because they’re a practical, ecological and economical alternative to city traffic. Every day, more and more people are changing their way of commuting to work, school, and university to save time and money. Electric scooters are perfect for a short city ride, and they are perfect as a “last-mile” vehicle.

The most important for a vehicle is its “Fuel Tank”–Lithium Battery

Comparing with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have an excellent energy density, the amount of energy stored per their physical weight. They also have excellent longevity meaning that they can be discharged and recharged or “cycled” many times and still maintain their storage capacity so it is widely preferred and used for these vehicles.

Ligo Energy Batteries is providing dynamic solutions with variants for the same. We have been specializing in lithium battery packs, working intending to deliver cost-effective solutions for electric vehicles such as Electric Scooter, Electic Bike, Electric Motorcycle, Tuk Tuk, Electic Tricycle, Rickshaw, Golf Cart, etc.

Our lithium battery packs for electric vehicles are designed and equipped well by any road conditions and environment after passing through stringent quality tests. We ensure to deliver the best electric vehicle battery with special features like protection elements, communicative battery management systems (BMS) with display & standardization.

Please have them a look at our website, and if you would like to make OEM/ODM, welcome to contact our sales representatives, they will provide you a professional solution.

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Advantages of Lithium Battery-operated Scooters VS Engine-type Scooters

Save Maintenance Cost
An engine-type scooter requires regular maintenance costs from fueling and engine oil changes, but an E-scooter has almost no additional costs after the purchase of the product.
Improve Convenience of Maintenance
An engine-type scooter requires regular maintenance and additional check-ups such as fueling, engine oil changes, and frequent oil filter changes, but an E-scooter does not require extra maintenance.
Ride Eco-friendly
An engine-type scooter emits toxic gases such as CO, HC, and NOx, while an eScooter powered by electricity from a Lithium battery is not harmful to the human body and the environment without any toxic emissions.

Advantages of Li-ion Battery VS Lead-acid Battery

Shorter Charging Time
A lead-acid battery requires 8-9 hours of charging time, but a Li-ion battery is 90% charged in two hours and takes only three hours to be fully charged.
Excellent Longevity Power
The capacity of lead-acid batteries is about 50% of the initial capacity after 1.5 years of use, but that of lithium batteries is about 75% of the initial capacity after 3 years of use
More Eco-friendly
Lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly while lead-acid batteries carry the risk of lead contamination during the manufacturing process and even after their disposal.

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